강남 신사동 가로수길의 상업화와 사람들의 무관심으로 인해 고통받고 있는 가로수들을 살리기 위한 캠페인 'sTREEt'.

지속가능 캠페인을 위한 캠페인 아이덴티티 구축과 가로수길에서의 인터렉티브 아웃도어 캠페인을 진행하였다.  

Due to commercialisation and public ignorance, the trees in Gangnam city are struggling to survive and are slowly disappearing. The brand “sTREEt” was created to draw attention to the disappearance of the trees in the streets. The rectangular shaped logo was designed with a frame in mind, inducing the audience to actually look at the street trees. Posters were placed at the entrance of a shopping street to get people’s attention. The interactive brochure and the window canvas were placed along the shopping street, both with rectangular holes that act as viewfinders. The website, designed with the rectangular shape in mind, was set up to collect signatures for a petition to protect the street trees.